How-To create KML Overlays for Google MapMaker/ GoogleEarth

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How-To create KML Overlays for Google MapMaker/ GoogleEarth

With recent updates dated 09-apr-2009 to Google MapMaker, GMM team have added new functions Image Overlays and KML Overlays.

Those with scanned paper maps might want to try-out Image Overlays, one will eventually get tired of moving/ stretching image to align it with GMM map. Not to mention - refreshing the browser will wipeout any Overlays :(

Here's I am presenting some simple steps to help you create KML Overlays for GMM. We'll create .kml file which will position the image on the map. Actually its a .kml file with Image Overlay.

You will need to download and use two tools:


Download GeoRegArcView at



Download WorldFileTool at

KML Overlays example

I've got maps in .pdf format and these are the steps that follow to create KML overlay file.

  1. Map in .pdf format -> Print to "MS Office Document Image Writer" (comes with MS Office 2003) to save as map.tif image
  2. Convert map.tif -> map.jpg
  3. Use georegarcview.exe to make worldfile map.jpgw
  4. Copy map.jpgw to map.jpw and map.jgw
  5. Use WorldFileTool to make map.kml from map.jgw
  6. Edit map.kml to put full url to point to map.jpg
  7. Upload map.kml and map.jpg to a website
  8. Use the url in GMM KML overlays

Trace the information as GMM features

The advantage of KML overlays is that you don't have to worry to refresh browser and fear about losing image overlays, or need to calibrate as in image overlays to GMM map again. You just need to remember the .kml overlay URL to put in GMM KML overlays.

What I do is save the .kml URLs list in a text file, and keep it in my Desktop so that I can again add KML overlay after browser refresh ;)

Using georegarcview.exe to make World File

Using WorldFileTool to convert World file into KML Overlay file

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