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Information about some useful Android applications


Need a soft SIPPhone that allows to connect to multiple servers ?

Android System Info

Lets to see a lot of information regarding your android phone. What I like about this app is "App" tab that lets you manage your installed apps much faster than the stock one.

Barcode Scanner

The app installed and used by 90% of android phone users. Recognizes all types of barcodes and QR codes. Allows you to generate QR code for your address too - to let other phones scan the QR code displayed on your phone !

Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth utility that lets your connect to other devices as well as let you share yours.


Terminal apps that lets you to easily use Ctrl-chars.

Dialer One

Phone dialer app that you can't live without ! It allows T9 style seaching contacts by number and/or name.


Are you an Electronics Hobbyist ?. Has resistor color coding, electronic devices pinouts, jacks and sockets pinouts etc as well as calculator for electronics calculations.

ES File Manager

A filemanager that needs no description ! Better than ASTRO File Manager.


Is your phone missing a LED light ?


The best and Free talking Story books with lots of contents for the children.

Handcent SMS

SMS app that you can't live without !

Nepali Patro

Nepali Patro with add to Google Calendar feature for reminders. Has BS. AD. date converter and Currency Exchange table.

Nepal Load Shedding Schedule

Load Shedding Schedule with notification and Widgets for your group.


News consolidator.

Ultrachrom Lite

Need a taliing Stopwatch and a timer ?

Waze - Community based Free GPS Navigator

Join the waze community to take advantage of Free GPS Navigator. Ver adds new search feature to find nearby Gas Stations, Banks/ATMS, Restaurants - Try Navigate -> Categories for the list

Wifi Analyzer

Hunting for a Wifi ?

Wireless Teather

Wanna turn your phone into a WiFi hotspot ?

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